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Discovering Fun and Health-Driven Activities Near You

At Good Day Farm Dispensary, we’re not just a provider of holistic and natural remedies, we also promote activities that motivate our customers to lead healthy and fulfilled lives.

Here for Your Health isn’t just a slogan, it’s part of all the advice we share and promote in our community. From outdoor activities and fitness calls to DIY projects, we have you covered.

Start with exploring local National Parks. Find your pace by hiking, biking or bird-watching. These activities, besides being fun, provide the much-needed fresh air, Vitamin D infusion and boost to your cardiovascular system.

Next on the list, local community center events. Often unknown treasures, they offer a wide range of affordable classes: yoga, meditation, painting, cooking… endless possibilities to pick up a new skill while having fun.

Hit local farmers’ markets. They are a haven for seasonal, fresh and locally produced fruits, veggies, herbs and other items. Besides supporting local trade, it’s a chance to try your hand at cooking up some wholesome and nutritious meals.

Let’s not forget volunteering. Volunteering provides a sense of achievement, makes you happier, builds your sense of community and increases self-confidence. There are several local volunteer programs waiting for your contribution.

Most importantly, remember that we are Here for Your Health at every step of your journey towards a healthier, happier you. Explore more such activities in our blog section to keep your health and wellness in balance.