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Discover The Vibrant Atmosphere Around Cannabis 21 Plus

Cannabis 21 Plus stands as a beacon of quality among cannabis dispensaries, drawing discriminating customers from far and wide. Strategically located in several Californian cities, our Marijuana dispensary offers a unique experience that pairs exceptional products with an atmosphere fit for connoisseurs.

The Heart of San Diego and Sorrento Valley

Set against the backdrop of the beautiful Sorrento Valley in San Diego, our dispensary is surrounded by an area rich in diversity and cultural vibrance. Enjoy your visit to our dispensary while taking in the picturesque views and the bustling tech hub this region is known for.

Unveiling the Beauty of Ukiah

Make your way to our Ukiah location and be captivated by the rural charm this city has to offer. Just a stone’s throw away from the Mendocino National Forest, our cannabis shop complements the tranquil beauty of the surrounding vineyards and mountain views.

The Elegance of Riverside and Palm Desert

The serene, desert oasis vibe in Palm Desert mirrors the tranquility that our top-quality cannabis products offer, while our Riverside store brings a slice of premium cannabis cultivation to a city known for its historic citrus groves.

A Touch of Hemet Calmness

Visitors to our Hemet location can indulge their senses surrounded by the picturesque landscapes and valleys that typify this peaceful city. Our Hemet dispensary is a serene spot amidst a city offering an exceptional blend of urban amenities and rural charm.

Whether it’s the beachfront views of San Diego, the mountainous vistas of Ukiah, or the desert charm of Palm Desert – at Cannabis 21 Plus, we believe in offering the finest cannabis products in locations as exceptional as our customer base.